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San Diego, CA has a semi-arid climate that typically experiences warm and dry summers and mild weather during the winter months. In October, the average low temperature in San Diego is reported to be around 60°F (16.0°C). October is a fairly dry month for San Diego, but some rain showers might occur. For travel, it's best to bring layers such as a light jacket, long sleeve shirts, and an umbrella. Click here to learn more about San Diego weather. 


San Diego is a culinary treasure, boasting some of the finest restaurants Southern California has to offer. Best of all, many of these unique dining experiences, are close to the San Diego Convention Center. Whether you are in the mood for a candlelit Italian restaurant, a casual seafood restaurant with an ocean view, a festive Mexican restaurant or a lively pub, you'll find it here. Click here to search for restaurants. 

Travel health information


Getting travel insurance in your country prior to visiting the United States is recommended. The National Pest Management Association has no insurance coverage for the participants and will not be responsible for any accidents that may occur during the Convention.


The electricity supply commonly used in the United States is the 120-volt 60Hz system. Check here if you need a power plug adaptor or voltage converter when in the U.S. 

Emergency Number

The Nationwide Emergency Number in the U.S. is 911

In the event of an emergency, the United States has one telephone number to call for medical, fire or crime related emergencies.

Currency converter

Credit Card

Major international credit cards such as Visa and Master are commonly accepted at most hotels, department stores, restaurants, and shops. Restaurants and shops generally display signs indicating what cards they accept.


Tipping is a regular practice in the United States. Click here for tips of tipping.


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